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JUNE // 2020 //

you can run, but you can't hide.



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Welcome to CARE WHERE?

While large groups aren’t allow to dance as one, this digital-gathering-fanzine bring us closely. Together 

with you , many are reading this pages, and by doing so, we already are  clustering on a beyond physical-temporal-space. This scores, assignments,  texts, images, music, podcasts, live stream actions and  +++, are a chart of  how care and celebration sync.


Because what we care to celebrate for, we also care 

to cultivate.

CARE - Art, Activism and Electronic Music is an experiment on community empowerment.  The series of gatherings focus on how we build, influence and transform our large community by the chain of our immediate affections and our ability to care.  Investing time and attention into rediscover local ecologies 

Previously we had gather in Budapest - Hungary, and Almada - Portugal , meanwhile future encounters were postponed or are in hold, London - UK and Burdag - Poland, we huddle here. Doing what we can from where we are.


We hope you enjoy this first edition of CARE WHERE?


Al Ballentyne, GRUTA, Federico Protto, Mariana Tengers Barros, Aleks Borys, Márcio K. Canabarro, Ana Rocha, Diana Niepce, Camila Hein & Lúcio Canabarro.

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