The awareness of human scale through the exchange of skills.

Finding alternative models of abstraction by opening up a two months living space in Budapest (HU). 

With people teaching people we build more room for play, more tools of interaction and more space for understanding. Relationships are transformed by what and how we learn and teach. Who knows how to climb, has a different relationship with hight, wind and rock.

More than sharing practices, we invest on living. Life by itself is the only project that lasts beyond our human scale of time, we carry it as a continuation of our species perspective of this world, and we can contribute with what stays beyond us, by sharing what we know and being curious towards what we don’t.



Eating with consciousness is an act of unlearning. It is prevention, it is medicine to keep the equilibrium, to be less dependent on western medicine, to introduce plants with infinite intelligence: they know how to interact with the human ecosystem and bolster it exactly where it needs it. Peeling of the capitalized understanding of healthy lifestyles and expansive superfoods: what are the mundane, small, maybe overlooked practices, plants, herbs, foods which have these healing powers?
Unlearning if knowledge is provided, if information is disseminated: eating is one of the most policial acts as well, encompassing primordial questions of life: how are you nurtured, who nurtures who, who do you nurture, with what you are nurtured? who nurtures those who are left unnourished?
The accumulated interests on eating, on nutrients, on food as toxic, food as a socio-political material, food as spirit, food as emotion, food as dependence, food as escape, food as healing as prevention, food as a mediator, a cultural signifier, food as a community organizer.
These were the thoughts are in the intention appearing and driving the design of the home: the kitchen  as a central element, where we perform a way of caring, by inviting love beings to join, follow, contribute, co-create and eventually eat and exchange in togetherness.






“If we can only accept help from corporations or institutions, we lose the skills and practices involved in asking for and offering help from people in our community.

Having relationships where our central resources are carefully shared is fundamentally intuitive to humans, a cooperative species. But like language, which must be learned, these practices are far from innate. They take energy, time and practice. Central resources include housing, money and our skilled labor. Sharing them requires lifelong practices of communication and negotiation.

Unfortunately, since sharing is so devalued in this society, we are led to believe that it’s easy or automatic. But when we do not actively practice sharing our resources we lose the muscles needed to do so, and we may even forget that this kind of hardcore interdependece is possible or desireable. Indeed, it can seem like a threat. Attention and care are also central resources and, while we all have the capacity to produce and receive them, it’s not automatic and requires practice and structure.”

Upcoming Events

    Mi., 07. Dez.
    07. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    Spirits, Oracles, Cleansing. Rituals of intentions and Plant technology, our first kitchen talk, cooking with the shaman Judit Hatfaludi.
    Sa., 10. Dez.
    10. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    A practice on asking questions and meeting the other. How do we listen and talk in public? A collective and playful scores on deepening connection and making conversation.
    Do., 15. Dez.
    15. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    Learn, Teach, Practice and Feel. Body work can aid on integrating our experiences. We will be co-regulating while receiving and giving touch. Guided by Imre Vass and Patrik Kelemen.
    So., 18. Dez.
    18. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    A poetry and reading evening, with some writing practices, where everyone who comes must share a writing, even if it is their supermarket list.
    Do., 22. Dez.
    22. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    A conversation about image making, punk music and song writing with Gergely Ofner.
    Mi., 28. Dez.
    28. Dez., 19:00
    1024, Budapest, 1024 Hungary
    Screening of GIRL CAN GRILL, from Csaba Molnar and Márcio Canabarro. In the Kitchen Csaba teaches us how to do a sower cabbage soup while we talk about consent and acceptable violence on stage and in creative processes.


1024 Budapest

Get more details of our location upon registering for events.


Living Project is an initiative from Viktória Kaslik and Márcio Kerber Canabarro, made it possible thanks to the support of Hodworks and everyones involved at the events: participants, guests, visitors, curious people, tasty minds, comfort company, hungry bodies, warm hearts and good food.