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SEPTEMBER // 2020 //

not only from the neck up



93,5 MB // 147 PAGES





In a resilient state of social distancing, becomes undeniable the knowledge and need for and from touch. 


In this issue of CARE WHERE? // Not Only From The Neck Up, we are giving special attention to our terrestrial experiences. To all that is close to Earth and to the body. 


We are landing with our feet, belly and face on the dirt, aware that independent of how much we wander about cosmos, infinite, transcendence, etc., our point of departure and our point of return is this few layers of the so called, Critical Zone. The area with couple of thousand kilometres where life is able to exist and thrive - the atmosphere. Atmosphere which we form and also breath from, the basic immersive medium we all share. 


Let what we embody be known, let our sensorial, intimate mixtures notice that underneath each fact there are moving and morphing feelings, the world is substance. This is a special issue, each collaborator offered their sensitivity with creative openness and profound trust, a clear display of our need for interconnection. 


Soften your mind, gets cozy, allow this issue to permeate you and enjoy it.



Jared Gradinger, Anja Mueller, Airton Tomazzoni & Marcele Cabrera, Susan Quinn, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Roger Sala Reyner. Keith Hennesy, Yoshiko Chuma, Sara Shelton Mann & Jesse Zaritt. A Bela Associação & Mark Angelo, GRUTA, Ana Rocha.  Jaakko NieminenMor Demer, Diana Niepce, Lúcio Canabarro. Varinia Canto Vila, Imre Vass & Tamara Zsófia Vadas, Lia Haraki, Tomaz Simatovic, Meszerics András, Luciana Paludo. Aleks Borys, Peter Pleyer, Stephanie Maher, Ludger Storcks, Delta Channel. Federico Protto, Jenna Jalonen, Marcio K. Canabarro.


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School of Hard Knocks

The school of Hard Knocks, first was an art project created and directed by the New York based choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, for the Freedom Festival of Venice - Italy in 1980. Ever since, the title became the name of Chuma’s company. The English expression - School of Hard Knocks - refers to ones empirical experience, to a learning process through and with life which should be considered at least equal in merit to academic knowledge.

Underneath Chuma's creative drive and response, lands the interest to understand and articulate dynamics, expressions and consequences of crisis. Concern that explains  the choreographers boldness, and relation to activism and social-issues.

This is a visual Journal entry by Yoshiko Chuma, in addition to the photographs published at the fanzine.

School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks


The Invisible Forest opens a space of consciousness that touches the future and the past...




Spiral Tribe's own Mark Angelo is currently working on a Guerrilla Theatre project called The Invisible Forest, in Lisbon with the A Bela cultural association. In these days of demonised free parties, cancelled gigs, closed theatres and clubs, the Invisible Theatre crew are organising ninja actions around the city's most ancient trees (one of which is a 2,850 year old olive tree). 

Mark says 'Using all our creative powers – electronic music (some of which is actually generated live by the electrical impulses emitted by the trees), dance, art, video and spoken word, we are inviting local communities to reconnect with the ancient trees that have stood silent witness to their changing world for hundreds, if not thousands of years. By opening up creative space around these (often overlooked) monumental trees we are inviting people to reorientate themselves and their relationship with nature. It's very powerful stuff!'





A Bela Associaca & Mark Angelo
The Invisible Forest

The Invisible Forest

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